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rice is nice


First off, I'm really mad that these shoes only went for $35 including shipping on Ebay and I wasn't online to bid. Arrrrrgh. I know about bid sniper and all that, I just thought these would go for much more.

So, I've been getting back into horror movies lately. When I was a freshman, that's all LeaAnne and I did was watch scary movies. We were weird. Anyway, I have Netflix now, so I want to get some really scary ones. Not necissarily gorey, but terrifying. I need some suggestions! I'm especially wanting adamcooley to answer. YOU SEEM LIKE YOU KNOW A LOT ABOUT THESE THINGS.

Brian and I have been fighting super bad lately and I really think we are going to break up. He wants more time to ride his bike this summer, and he wants to go to this camp thing for 3 weeks where there are girls, and I will never be cool with that. BLAH...it just upsets me that we are probably going to break up because we've been going out for 2 YEARS and I love him very much. I don't really know what I would do if he wasn't my boyfriend. It would be very weird/sad.
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