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rice is nice


So yeah, once again, there has been drama. My friend Josh went to the Coffee Beanery with his friend Evan, and somehow the subject of piercings came up so he was talking about me. This other girl there, named Mary Jo was like, "Chessie Tomlinson? She's going out with that short kid right?" and Josh was said yes. And she said, "Chessie does NOT deserve to be going out with him. He's way to hot for her. He should be going out with me." And then she said a bunch more mean things about me. This REALLLLLLY pisses me off because I have never done anything mean to this girl, so I don't know why she hates me or whatever. She's retarded. LeaAnne told me everyone hates her, and she's like the butt of everyone's jokes at her school. She's jealous of me, haha. Bitch.

So, I opened "My Pictures" on my computer and I see this:

The file name is "foryouchessie!!!" My sister saved it. Haha, what a nerd.
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